Since 1987

The Braille Jymico company was created in 1987 by Mr. Jacques Côté in order to improve the quality of education for the blind and visually impaired students. It also facilitates their integration while enabling them to flourish.

At first being an expert in the Braille production of scientific documents and in tactile graphics, the company specialized in large print documents since 2000s. Braille Jymico was created in Mr. Côté’s residence. He worked hard in order to promote the services offered by his company. With all his efforts, he rented an office in 1989 and he engaged staff. The company grew so much that in 1993, Mr. Côté bought a building to establish the head office of Braille Jymico.

The process of growth continued. In 2003, the place becomes too narrow and the requests are exploding, so Braille Jymico buys a new building of 6,500 feet² on 3 floors. At this time, the company develops expertise in the large print by acquiring the necessary machines to this new production.

Since then, the faith in our capacities, our highly qualified staff and the equipment at the cutting edge of technology enables us to claim that Braille Jymico is definitely the leader with his academic solutions for visually disabled students.

We have recently changed the name of our business from Braille Jymico to Jymico. There has been no change in management and we will be providing the same products and fine service on which we have built our reputation in the industry.

One Man's Passion

Mr. Côté was born in Québec City on November 12, 1942. In addition to glaucoma at birth, he had partial vision in his left eye. Several accidents during his youth deteriorate his vision.

Blindness and Music He began his education in the local school. With the help of a counselor, Mrs. Cecile Audet, he learned Braille and thus developed his tools for success. At the age of 16, Mr. Côté goes through an eye operation that fails. This causes degeneration of the optic nerve, and then he becomes blind. Two years later, he met a student who had just lost his sight completely. Being an excellent musician when he was able to see, he will transmit his passion for music. After graduation, Mr. Côté is devoted entirely to his artistic career, playing piano and organ throughout Québec.

He married in 1967 and became a father the following year. The name Jymico is formed by J for Jacques, Y for Yseult, the mother of their two children, M for Mylène and I for Isabelle (two daughters) and CO for Côté. Due to the precarious conditions of his pianist career, he decided to return to school. He enrolled in Limoilou College and then in Laval University. He obtained a High School Teaching License, while playing music about 6 nights a week to support the needs of his family.

Teacher His second career began in 1972 when he started teaching French and Mathematics in a school for children with visual impairment. In 1975, he adds the teaching of Braille to his tasks in the Charlesbourg’s High School. He continues his part-time studies at Sherbrooke University, where he obtained other qualifications, including a graduate program.

In 1987, Mr. Côté noticed the reduction of student integration’s rates when they return to their families. As a reaction, he decided to found Braille Jymico with the desire to provide support at home. The humble beginnings of the company took place in his house. In 1990, he quits teaching when he finds out that there are fewer students with disabilities in regular classes.

Jacques Côté and Abraham Nemeth image Abraham Nemeth and Jacques Côté

Braille Jymico Beginning in 2001, Braille Jymico specializes in large print school documents, with customers predominantly from the United States. Today, at the age of 73, he skillfully runs the company as president and chief executive officer. He still works with positive energy and humor.

Mr. Côté is an active member of various national and international committees. These are dedicated to the development and/or the implantation of new technologies, the research, the promotion of Braille and the improvement of several services for the blind and visually impaired people.