Larger font size, larger future possibilities

Jymico is proud to offer different services in the large print adaptation field. We work with the original printed or electronic manuals, books and documents by increasing the size of the characters (between 18 and 28 points) according to the specific needs of the user’s vision. All the large print documents that we make are intended to facilitate the reading. We have developed this expertise by acquiring the necessary equipment for production. We have three main enlargement techniques as well as different font sizes available depending on the context.

Accessibility to information can change a life and give more choices. The autonomy is accentuated thanks to the mobility that our books bring. Inclusive education makes sense and equality among students even more. This allows for better integration and increased chances of success.

Here are examples and descriptions of our three main enlargement strategies.

Large Print Strategies

  • Ratio 1:1 image
    Ratio 1:1 Enlarged on 1 portrait page Typological size: 18 pts Note: This strategy can also be applied for landscape size documents
  • Ratio 1:2 image
    Ratio 1:2 Enlarged on 2 landscape pages Typological size: 18 pts Note: This strategy cannot be applied for landscape size documents
  • Custom ratio image
    Custom ratio Enlarged on many landscape pages Typological size: 28 pts

We also have other large print strategies. We adapt documents in large print from printed or electronic documents.

Large Print Benefits

  • Autonomy
  • Equality
  • Inclusive education
  • Mobility
  • Better integration
  • Success

If you need a specific estimate, please contact us, we'd be happy to provide it to you without any fees.