DaTerra Cucina Professional 13 Inch Wok with Glass Lid


Elevate your culinary creations with the DaTerra Cucina Professional 13-inch Wok. Expertly crafted in Italy, this ceramic wok combines style and functionality for a superior cooking experience. The chef’s favourite, its generous size and high-quality construction make it perfect for a variety of dishes—from delicate eggs and juicy burgers to vibrant vegetables and more. The included glass lid allows you to monitor your food without losing heat, ensuring perfect results every time. Durable and versatile, this wok is your go-to pan for all-around ease of cooking.

BrandDaTerra Cucina
Special FeatureOven Safe, Electric Sto, Includes Lid
Capacity8 Quarts

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

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DaTerra Cucina Professional 13 Inch Wok with Glass Lid | Italian Made Ceramic Wok Pan Chef’s Favorite Large Wok for All-Around Ease of Cooking Eggs, Burgers, Vegetables and More

Discover the Versatility and Durability of the DaTerra Cucina Professional 13-inch Wok with Glass Lid

Are you looking to elevate your culinary skills with a versatile and durable cooking tool? The DaTerra Cucina Professional 13-inch Wok with Glass Lid is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Crafted in Italy, this professional-grade wok combines superior design and functionality, making it a chef’s favourite. Whether you are cooking eggs, burgers, vegetables, or more intricate dishes, this wok ensures ease of use and exceptional results. In this blog, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and versatility of the DaTerra Cucina Wok, highlighting why it should be a staple in your kitchen.

Professional-Grade Quality and Design

The DaTerra Cucina Wok with Glass Lid is not just any ordinary pan; it is a professional-grade, ceramic-coated skillet designed for the serious cook. Its 3.7mm aluminium base heats up quickly and ensures even heat distribution, allowing for consistent cooking results every time. With a diameter of 13 inches and a base diameter of 7.5 inches, this wok provides ample cooking space, making it ideal for both small and large meals. The wok’s height with the lid is 5.5 inches, and it has a depth of 3.5 inches, giving you enough depth to stir fry, steam, or even deep fry your favourite dishes. The handle lengths are 8.5 inches and 2 inches, providing a comfortable grip and easy manoeuvrability.

Superior Non-Stick Coating

One of the standout features of the DaTerra Cucina Wok with Glass Lid is its extra-hard ceramic coating made with volcanic minerals. This unique coating resists scratches and repels liquids, allowing you to cook with less oil and enjoy easier cleanup. The ceramic coating ensures food doesn’t stick to the surface, making it perfect for delicate dishes like eggs or fish. Additionally, the coating is free from harmful chemicals such as PTFE, PFOA, Lead, and Cadmium, ensuring safe and healthy cooking for you and your family.

Versatile Cooking Options

The DaTerra Cucina Wok with Glass Lid is incredibly versatile, offering various cooking options. While woks are traditionally used for stir-frying, this wok can do so much more. Thanks to its spacious design and see-through oven-safe glass lid, You can steam food such as dumplings, buns, and whole fish. The lid allows you to monitor your food without losing heat, ensuring perfect cooking results.

Moreover, this wok is heat-resistant and oven-safe up to 450°F. This means you can sear steaks, roasts, chicken, and vegetables on the stovetop and then transfer them seamlessly to the oven for finishing. The wok’s ability to withstand high temperatures also makes it ideal for deep frying. Imagine perfectly crispy fried chicken or tempura vegetables made effortlessly in your DaTerra Cucina Wok.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning up after cooking can often be daunting, but not with the DaTerra Cucina Wok with Glass Lid. Its non-stick ceramic coating ensures food residues slide off easily, making cleanup a breeze. While the wok is dishwasher safe when using liquid detergent, hand washing is recommended to preserve the longevity of the ceramic coating. The design of this wok not only makes it easy to clean and ensures that it remains a popular choice for daily cooking, as it requires minimal oil and effort to maintain.

Healthier Cooking

Health-conscious cooks will appreciate the benefits of the DaTerra Cucina Wok’s ceramic coating. Because it repels liquids and requires less oil, you can prepare healthier meals without compromising flavour or texture. The absence of harmful chemicals in the coating further enhances its appeal, allowing you to cook with peace of mind.

Built to Last

When investing in kitchen tools, durability is a key consideration. The DaTerra Cucina Wok with Glass Lid is built to last, from its glass-hard coating to its cool-touch handle and oven-safe lid. The wok comes with a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal home use, ensuring you can rely on it for your cooking needs. The combination of its sturdy construction and innovative design makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Wok Accessories

The DaTerra Cucina Wok with Glass Lid has a see-through glass lid, which is oven-safe and allows you to monitor your cooking progress without lifting the lid and losing heat. This feature is particularly useful for steaming and simmering dishes. The lid also features a silicone rim to ensure a tight seal, preserving moisture and flavour in your food. The wok’s handles are also designed to stay cool to the touch, providing a safe and comfortable grip while cooking.


The DaTerra Cucina Professional 13-inch Wok with Glass Lid is more than just a wok; it is a versatile, durable, and high-quality cooking tool that will transform your culinary experience. Its professional-grade construction, superior non-stick coating, and versatile cooking options make it a favourite among chefs and home cooks. Whether stir-frying, steaming, searing, or deep frying, this wok delivers exceptional results with ease.

Investing in the DaTerra Cucina Wok with Glass Lid means investing in a healthier, more efficient, and enjoyable cooking experience. With its easy-to-clean design, health-conscious features, and built-to-last construction, this wok is a must-have for any kitchen. So why wait? Elevate your cooking today with the DaTerra Cucina Professional 13-inch Wok with Glass Lid and discover its endless possibilities.

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